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Throughout the 1980s and into the 1990s, U.S. law enforcement saw an increasing number of major financial crimes, primarily as a result of narco-money laundering. To combat this trend, in 1992, the former U.S. Customs Service Office of Investigations (now ICE), in conjunction with the President’s Office of National Drug Control Policy initiated an aggressive, multi-agency approach to target financial crimes within the New York and New Jersey metropolitan area. This initiative was named the El Dorado Task Force.

The El Dorado Task Force consists of over 260 members from more than 55 law enforcement agencies in New York and New Jersey – including Special Agents, state and local police investigators, intelligence analysts and Federal prosecutors. A significant component of the task force is our High Intensity Financial Crimes Area (HIFCA)/Intelligence Unit, which is responsible for analyzing records and other financial data. The El Dorado Task Force is headquartered at the ICE office of the Special Agent in Charge, New York and at other locations in the New York/New Jersey Metropolitan area.

The El Dorado Task Force targets financial crime at all levels. Utilizing ICE’s Cornerstone approach, Task Force agents educate the private financial sector to identify and eliminate vulnerabilities and promote anti-money laundering legislation through training and other outreach programs. Prosecutors utilize a full range of criminal and civil laws to prosecute targets and forfeit the proceeds of their illicit activity. El Dorado utilizes a systems-based approach to investigating financial crimes by targeting vulnerabilities such as the Black Market Peso Exchange and commodity-based money laundering.

Source:  Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE)